About Us

About 3 years ago I got started in the wonderful world of websites.   I started with a website called SmackInTheCrack.com.   It was just a simple funny picture website.   However, since I was new to the web world, it wasn’t long until smackinthecrack.com was costing more to run than it was worth and I gave it up.

It was only a month later when I got an itch to start another website.  So I thought I’d give the internet another try.   I decided to get some advice from my brother who owns several successful websites, most notably TodayiFoundOut.com.  He gave me a few simple tips to follow.   It was then I started a funny picture dump site called DumpaDay.com.   It took awhile, but I still own that site today, after two years.   It’s success is ( currently in the top 20,000 websites on the internet according to Alexa.com) inspired me to start a network of sites.

So now I own and run 5 websites with the help of my amazing wife.   This site,  BaconWrappedMedia.com, then,  QuotesaDay.com, DumpaDay.com, FunnyMeme.com and my wife’s site, PictureTheRecipe.com.

It’s not the largest network of websites, but we have fun running them and it pays the bills.   So for us to get to stay at home and work for ourselves, we feel incredibly blessed.

Thank you to everyone who has been following our sites, and all those who support us.  We very much appreciate it.